Staff Vacancies at Writer's Blog

We are also looking for editorial staff. Anyone interested must display a mature attitude and a high level of literacy - you will be checking others' stories/poems for mistakes in grammar, spelling, syntax and any other errors, yes we will be using spellchecker's etc. but these are not 100% reliable. Don't let this put you off however as these are skills that can be learnt and taught by other team member's. As part of the editorial team you will also be expected to contribute to the content of the blog to the tune of about 500 words per month. This is a very arbitrary figure and can take any form. Since a typical post on my blog is about 500 words per day, I don't envisage this as a major problem. They will also be required to start a (free) blogger account to get editing and publishing access to the blog itself. I am also considering a separate forum for team member's and contributor's where different stories/ideas can be worked out/on. Again I would not want this to take away members from anywhere else. This would be purely for people who contribute to Writer's Blog and should be seen as an additional "perk" from being in there if it does actually happen.

I estimate it will take about a month for me to get the team (looking for about 10 member's, another arbitrary figure) together and another month after that before regular posting begins.

Anyone interested in being a part of this exciting new venture please contact me at:

Look forward to hearing from you.


Need a place to publish that long written short story? Blow the dust off it and send it to me. I will be showcasing short stories here, some of my own but I throw it open to writers from anywhere. Right now I'm collecting content and will be customising the look of the place but give you this as a basic example of how it will look. So nothing new until it's ready. The subject of the stories can be as varied as your imaginations, the only thing not allowed is graphic adult content without warnings. I'd draw a line at pure pr0n (spelt wrong to dodge the search engines ;)) as well. Please do not send these to me as they will not be published here. Anything else will be considered though from any genre and of anything below book length. If you can write a good story in a hundred words, send it to me. If it takes you fifty thousand, send that to me too. Longer stories may be serialised. I'm also available to give help in proofreading and suggestions for your stories. Lastly, please send simple text documents only. If your story includes images, we can discuss how these will appear. The address to send these stories to is:

Good Writing ;)